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What is Just Men! about?
NBC alleviated its Great Game Show Crisis on January 3, 1983 by launching three game shows on the same day. One was Just Men!, which used to air at NOON EST/11:00 CST. "It's the most unusual show in daytime & talk!" That's how Just Men! was described as by announcer Steve Day. Betty White hosted this show where two female contestants had to guess how seven male celebrites respond upon a "Yes-No" type question (i.e.: Do you know how to type?) Three rounds were played & the female with the most keys won the game & got a chance to start the beautiful Ford Mustang Convertible. Depending on how many days she's won determines how many keys she selects (if she had all 7 keys, she gets an extra key). If she failed to start the car, she won a consolation prize that was placed in the trunk & returned as champion. If she started the car, she left undefeated while balloons fell down! Thank goodness no confetti & sirens were added, you'll have The New

Actors: Steve Day, Betty White

Season 1 of Just Men!

    Episode 1: Week 1  
    Episode 2: Week 2  
    Episode 3: Week 3  
    Episode 4: Week 4  
    Episode 5: Week 5  
    Episode 6: Week 6  
    Episode 7: Week 7  
    Episode 8: Week 8  
    Episode 9: Week 9  
    Episode 10: Week 10  
    Episode 11: Week 11  
    Episode 12: Week 12  
    Episode 13: Week 13  
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