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What is Jeopardy! about?
The show first aired in March 1964 and lasted nearly 11 years on NBC daytime (ironically, its current companion in syndication, Wheel of Fortune, replaced the daytime Jeopardy!); the show resurfaced in a modified format in 1978, and then came back in syndication in 1984, where it continues to enjoy long-term success. This simple "reverse quiz" formula resulted in one of the most successful game shows in TV history. Answer: "Legend has it that game show host and TV personality Merv Griffin created this reverse quiz show after complaining about the poor quality of game shows since the Quiz Show Scandals; his then-wife suggested giving the players the answers and having them come up with the questions." Question: "What's the story behind the birth of Jeopardy!?" The original 1964 rules were as thus: Three contestants, including a returning champion compete. Six categories are announced (e.g., Science, Television, Starts with "A," Art World, World Literature and Presid

Actors: Don Pardo, Alex Trebek, Art Fleming, John Harlan, Johnny Gilbert
Genre: Game Show
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