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What is Roseanne about?
Roseanne is an American sitcom broadcast on ABC from 1988 to 1997 starring stand-up comedian Roseanne Barr. The show portrayed a working-class family struggling to get by on a limited income in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois. Many critics considered the show notable as one of the first sitcoms to portray an American family in which economics necessitated two parents working jobs outside the home.

Actors: Sarah Chalke, Michael Fishman, John Goodman, Roseanne, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, Natalie West
Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of Roseanne

Season 2 of Roseanne

    Episode 7: BOO!  
    Episode 11: Lobocop  
    Episode 17: Hair  

Season 3 of Roseanne

    Episode 1: The Test  
    Episode 16: Home-Ec  

Season 4 of Roseanne

    Episode 13: Bingo  
    Episode 20: Therapy  
    Episode 21: Lies  
    Episode 23: Secrets  
    Episode 25: Aliens  

Season 5 of Roseanne

Season 6 of Roseanne

    Episode 14: Busted  

Season 7 of Roseanne

    Episode 5: Sleeper  
    Episode 16: Sisters  

Season 8 of Roseanne

Season 9 of Roseanne

    Episode 9: Roseambo  
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