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What is Ghostbusters about?
The story takes place after The Ghost Busters (starring Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, and Bob Burns). But this time their sons are joined up with Tracey the gorilla (who returns), Jessica ( a TV reporter), Futura (a mysterious woman from the future), and Belfry the bat. At their HQ "Ghost Command" they battle the evil spooks of Prime Evil, at his "Haunt-Quarters" and even through space and time in their transforming GhostBuggy. For those of you who don't the story of how The Real Ghostbusters got the name, here's the lowdown (thanks to When the movie was being made it turned out that Filmation Associates already had a show called "Ghostbusters". Due to the popularity of the Ivan Reitman directed movie, Filmation revamped their show and made it animated, "Filmations' GhostBusters" (a.k.a. "the Original GhostBusters"). So when Columbia came out with their own animated spinoff of Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis's "Ghostbusters" movie, they decided to cal

Actors: Linda Gary, Erika Scheimer, Lou Scheimer, Pat Fraley, Peter Cullen, Alan Oppenheimer, Susan Blu
Genre: Animation


Season 1 of Ghostbusters

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