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What is Garfield & Friends about?
Based on the highly popular comic strip by Jim Davis, Garfield and Friends was considered the best long-running cartoon on CBS. This Saturday morning series featured the adventures of that lovable, hungry fat cat Garfield, his yellow dog friend Odie, and their cartoonist bachelor master Jon Arbuckle. Garfield cartoons shared the spot with a new cartoon series created for this series called U.S. Acres (also based on a comic strip by Jim Davis). U.S. Acres was a cartoon about a group of barnyard animals who run a farm. The leader was Orson Pig, the bookish and perceptive pig. His friends had many different qualities: Wade Duck was the scaredy-cat duck who runs away from everything, no kidding; Booker was a crafty little chick whose main goal was to chase a worm, and his brother Sheldon was nothing more than an egg with two legs sticking out; Roy Rooster was the practical joking rooster who puts everyone in trouble with his jokes; and two sheep, Bo and Lanolin, were always bickering

Actors: Victoria Jackson, Howard Morris, Frank Welker, Lorenzo Music, Tom Huge, Desiree Goyette, Thom Huge, Frank Buxton, Gary Owens, Julie Payne, Gregg Berger, Greg Berg
Genre: Animation, Children
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Season 1 of Garfield & Friends

    Episode :   
    Episode :   

Season 2 of Garfield & Friends

    Episode :   
    Episode 5: Grabbity  
    Episode 24: Yojumbo  
    Episode 36: Robodie  
    Episode 62: Hamelot  

Season 3 of Garfield & Friends

    Episode :   
    Episode :   
    Episode :   
    Episode :   
    Episode 5: Astrocat  
    Episode 24: Ben Hog  

Season 4 of Garfield & Friends

Season 5 of Garfield & Friends

    Episode 56:   

Season 6 of Garfield & Friends

    Episode 8: Bigfeetz  

Season 7 of Garfield & Friends

    Episode 8: Top Ten  
    Episode 39: Deja Vu  
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