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What is Arthur of the Britons about?
Arthur of the Britons was a drama series which aimed to throw light on the Dark Ages in Britain - an age in which Romanized Britons might have been led against invading Angles and Saxons by a Celtic warlord we now call King Arthur. Oliver Tobias gives us a virile and thoughtful Arthur, beset by problems at home and abroad, while Kai, his right hand man, was played by the late Michael Gothard. They are supported by a strong crew working on a limited budget, but in impressive locations. The series was last repeated in the UK in 1983, but at least one video tape of the production is still available - a ninety-minute compilation first issued in 1975 under the title 'King Arthur: Young Warlord'. "Historians know little that is factual about this period in our history, but upon one thing they are agreed - the legendary picture of Arthur is a fantasy, the truth was different. Camelot was an unlovely encampment of log and thatch within cunning defences." - Patrick Dromgoole, Exec

Actors: Jack Watson, Michael Gothard, George Marishka, Gila von Weitershausen, Rupert Davies, Oliver Tobias, Brian Blessed

Season 1 of Arthur of the Britons

    Episode 6: The Duel  

Season 2 of Arthur of the Britons

    Episode 2: Rowena  
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