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What is Secret Army about?
Secret Army, a series created by Gerard Glaister, chronicled the history of a Belgian resistance movement during the Second World War dedicated to returning Allied airmen back to their home country. The show was set in a Brussels caf and later restaurant (Le Candide), where the owner Albert Foiret helps Lisa Colbert (code-named "Yvette") hide airmen and control the various members of the "Lifeline" organisation as they take the airmen across borders to safer neutral countries such as Spain. Their principal opponents were Ludwig Kessler, an officious officer in the SS, and the more laidback Luftwaffe officer Major Erwin Brandt.

Actors: Anthony Stewart Head, Michael Culver, Angela Richards, Bernard Hepton, Juliet Hammond-Hill, Stephen Chase, Hazel McBride, Ralph Bates, Nigel Williams, Stephen Yardley, Christopher Neame, Valentine Dyall, Clifford Rose, Ron Pember, Paul Shelley, Terrence Hardiman
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Secret Army

    Episode 8: Guilt  
    Episode 13: Bait  

Season 2 of Secret Army

    Episode 4: Trapped  
    Episode 6: Scorpion  
    Episode 7: Weekend  

Season 3 of Secret Army

    Episode 3: Revenge  
    Episode 6: Prisoner  
    Episode 7: Ambush  
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