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What is America 2Night about?
<B>America 2Night</B> is a talk show parody that ran in syndication in 1978. Produced by Norman Lear, it is actually the second season of "Fernwood 2Night". The locale has been moved to California to make it easier for celebrities to drop in. As in F2N, Barth Gimble is the host and Jerry Hubbard is his co-host. The music is provided by Happy Kyne and the Mirth-Makers. There are currently no videos available of this show or <B>Fernwood 2Night</B>.

Actors: Martin Mull, Alan Thicke, Susan Elliott, Judith Kahan, Zale Kessler, David O. Cameron, Georgie Irene, Bill Kirchenbauer, Gary Burghoff, Fred Willard, Frank DeVol, Jim Varney, Craig Richard Nelson, Kenneth Mars, Charlton Heston

Season 1 of America 2Night

    Episode 5: No info  
    Episode 9: 4/20/77  
    Episode 10: no info  
    Episode 13: 4/26/78  
    Episode 14: 4/27/78  
    Episode 15: no info  
    Episode 17: 5/2/78  
    Episode 18: 5/3/78  
    Episode 20: no info  
    Episode 25: no into  
    Episode 26: Russia  
    Episode 28: 5/17/78  
    Episode 29: 5/18/78  
    Episode 30: no info  
    Episode 31: 5/22/78  
    Episode 33: 5/24/78  
    Episode 36: 5/29/78  
    Episode 44: 6/8/78  
    Episode 45: 6/9/78  
    Episode 46: 6/12/78  
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