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What is The David Steinberg Show about?
Welcome to The David Steinberg Show guide at TV Tome. Relatively short-lived Canadian series featuring comedian David Steinberg playing himself, hosting a fictional variety show. While the series depicted the on-air humour, it also depicted the comic adventures behind the scenes. It featured a slew of Second City performers, most of whom later starred in "Second City TV", which was much more sucessful. Joe Flaherty's alter-ego, Kirk Dirkwood, was the somewhat neurotic stage manager who always wanted to be a performer, and finally did near the end. He would appear as a different patient every week for an eccentric psychiatrist played by Steinberg on the show. Dave Thomas played James MacGregor, a hot-tempered Scottish security guard. Martin Short played Johnny Del Bravo, David's narcistic cousin and a whiny, untalented singer. John Candy was Spider Reichman, the 60's-oriented musician, and Andrea Martin played Julie Liverfoot, Steinberg's lazy, sleazy secretary and Reichm

Actors: Martin Short, John Candy, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, Trudy Young, David Steinberg, Andrea Martin, Bill Saluga

Season 1 of The David Steinberg Show

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