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Watch Flying Rhino Junior High online: Episode 10 Quit Buggin' Me

Ruby is mortified when the classroom becomes infested with creepy crawlies that everyone has brought in for a group study project. When she goes crazy trying to kill every critter, Earl is furious! Not only were bugs the first creatures on earth, but Earl's first pet was an insect! Earl morphs the school into a giant field, complete with sophisticated ant tunnels and insects 10 times the size of the students. Fortunately, the kids recall that insects are attracted to smells, and they maneuver through the school via the ant tunnels in search of Buford's cologne. Once they find the wretched cologne, they spray a trail of scent -- all the way to Earl's boiler room! Naturally, the insects follow the trail and descend upon Earl's room, destroying yet another of his evil plans. Once the dust has settled, Ruby's adventure makes her realize that every creature, even the smallest insect, has value

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