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What is Beetlejuice about?
Based on the movie, created by Tim Burton, this series is focused on Beetlejuice and Lydia teamed up to carry on multiple exciting adventures. Beetlejuice is a liar who cheats at everything. The deceased maniacal and energetic transformer always goes around having fun, breaking every rule and law. Lydia Deetz is a social outcast and a goth. Always dressed in black, she loves horror movies, and is Beetlejuice's best friend. She is calm and level-headed.

Actors: Ron Rubin, Alyson Court, Stephen Ouimette, Joseph Sherman, Paulina Gillis, Elizabeth Hanna, Tara Strong, Roger Dunn, Keith Knight, Len Carlson, Harvey Atkin
Genre: Animation, Children
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Season 1 of Beetlejuice

    Episode 15: Poopsie  

Season 2 of Beetlejuice

    Episode 10: A-Ha!  

Season 3 of Beetlejuice

Season 4 of Beetlejuice

    Episode 25: Vidiots  
    Episode 62: King BJ  
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