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What is The Duck Factory about?
Welcome to The Duck Factory guide. "The Duck Factory was set in a small, run-down Hollywood studio peopled by the loony crew who produced a TV cartoon show called Dippy Duck. The newest employee was Skip Tarkenton, an eager, young cartoonist fresh from the Midwest and bursting with excitement at his first professional job. His wide-eyed innocence contrasted sharply with the cynicism of his co-workers: Brooks, the fatherly artist full of doubts about his own brilliance; Andrea, the sarcastic, man-hungry film editor; Marty, the two-bit gag writer; Roland, the only black storyboard artist in the business; and Wally, the voice-over narrator who had a repertoire of so many cartoon voices that he had long since forgotten his own voice. ...the place was virtually leaderless when Skip arrived, so the whole crew turned to the reluctant newcomer to save Dippy Duck--which was constantly on the brink of cancellation by the network. This brought the enmity of Aggie, the pushy, penny-pinching b

Actors: Jay Tarses, Jim Carrey, Teresa Ganzel, Don Messick, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Julie Payne, Nancy Lane, Jack Gilford
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of The Duck Factory

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