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What is The Bots Master about?
The year is 2025 AD. The world hasn't ended. War didn't overwhelm the planet. Life goes on and technology advances. Robotics become a commonplace, doing menial tasks and working in industry. And for that, the world can thank the genius robotic engineer, Ziv "ZZ" Zulander and the Robotic Megafact Corporation (aka RM Corp). Ziv's creation of the 3A robot series revolutionized the world and its application with robotics; Sir Lewis Leon Paradim (aka "LLP", president of RM Corp) wasn't satisfied being one of the wealthiest men in the world, he wanted world domination. Having his assistants, Lady Frenzy and Dr. Hiss, LLP planned to take control of the world through a swift world coup, using the very same 3A's that ZZ created to benefit humanity. Dr. Hiss created a new chip, called the "Krang Chip", it can be used to override any 3A series bot to take orders from RM Corp to assist them in staging a world coup to swiftly take over the world with sheer robotic force. ZZ found out about LLP's plans and decided to defect from the company and intended to stop them from continuing manufacturing and distributing the "Krang Chips".

Actors: Stefano Giulianetti, Terry Klassen, Crystaleen O'Bray, Surya Kellar, Steve Giulinetti, Kim Restell, Dale Wilson, Cusse Mankuma, Janyse Jaud, Mark Hildreth, Ian James Corlett, Michael Donovan
Genre: Animation, Children, Comedy, Science-Fiction
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Season 1 of The Bots Master

    Episode 1: Adios ZZ  
    Episode 5: Bloc 93  
    Episode 11: Lost  
    Episode 13: Spybot  
    Episode 38: Momzz  
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