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What is Seeing Things about?
Welcome to the Seeing Things guide at TV Tome. My spidey sense is tingling... Seeing Things was a Canadian suspense-thriller, during the '80s. Journalist Louie Ciccone (Louis Del Grande) has psychic abilities, which tend to get him into "trouble". Louie continuously searched for that award-winning story that would propel him above his peers. Ironically, he could never achieve that status - despite solving countless crimes with his abilities. He would simply have to touch/grab an object, then the "energy" would help him See Things in a different perspective. Its loyal fanbase proved to be a cult following.

Actors: Janet-Laine Green, Lynne Gordon, John Fox, Ratch Wallace, Cec Linder, Ivan Beaulieu, Martha Gibson, Murray Westgate, Frank Adamson, Louis Negin, Louis Del Grande, Al Bernardo

Season 1 of Seeing Things

Season 2 of Seeing Things

    Episode 6: Evil Eye  

Season 3 of Seeing Things

Season 4 of Seeing Things

Season 5 of Seeing Things

Season 6 of Seeing Things

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