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In 1993 Gregory's in bed with Athena when he wakes up in a sweat - he's been dreaming about having sex with Peter. Athena, already awake and nervous about her upcoming performance, turns to him for comfort and pleasure, but Greg rejects her. Again. The next day, when Peter comes to the studio for looping, Beth sees him with Gregory and overhears the two men confessing their mutual attraction. She tries to talk to Gregory about it, but he slips away gratefully the minute Josh appears, leaving the two former lovers together in awkward silence. But then Josh admits that his marriage to Valerie has gotten off track, and Beth reaches out to him - which is unfortunate, because at that moment Valerie storms in and sees them together. She immediately pitches a screaming fit, and Josh gives as good as he gets -- ultimately demanding a divorce. But Valerie only laughs, and suggests that he consult his attorney. In 2001, Joe and Amanda's big party is a big nightmare for Beth - who's thrown out of

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