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In 1993, Carlito dodges through the N.Y. Marathon spectators, and manages to give the hoodlum chasing him a slip. He races to the loft apartment, where Gregory has banished the other roommates to finish shooting his film. Seeing Carlito's disappointment, Gregory tells him to stop by Athena's later if he wants to see his brother - he'll even make him an extra in the party scene. Meanwhile, Josh and Valerie are enjoying their honeymoon at Russ' penthouse when Russ walks in to find them naked, stoned, and - surprise - married. Russ berates Josh for getting married without a pre-nup, investing his own money in a movie, and for being the schmuck who let Beth get away. That evening at Athena's, as Beth watches them filming the re-enactment of Athena's party/holdup, Josh introduces her to his new wife, and Athena confesses to her that she might be pregnant. Joe shows up and heads straight for Beth - at least until he spots Carlito posing as one of the party guests. He turns to have a word wit

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