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Watch My Little Pony Tales online: Episode 22 Gribit

#11102 ""Gribit"" Scene opens with the ponies laying down a picnic. Everything seems perfect. But not for long. Like every other edutainment cartoons, because they're happy to have the picnic, pathetic fallacy follows and its starts raining. Uh-oh! everybody retreats to the clubhouse. Everybody except Sweetheart. She hears a croaking sound, and follows it - to an injured frog. Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse, everyone's wondering where she is. She comes in. Everyone asks her where she's been. She shows them the frog. Since it's hurt, they decide to take it out to the vet. It's okay, just broke it's Tibofibula. Will be well in 3 days. Scene cuts to 5 days later. They have yet to remove the splint. Suddenly, they remember, and do so. Havoc ensues as the ponies jump around the clubhouse. When they're done, they have to decide who would take the frog (now named Spot - because he has lots of it. Bon Bon agrees to take Spot home, only to suffer major havoc and a scolding from her mother. T

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