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What is The Rez about?
The Rez is a comedy/drama that focuses upon a group of young characters living on the Kidabanesee Reserve in Ontario, created by W.P. Kinsella for his short story collection/movie "Dance Me Outside". Among the youths are the awkward Silas Crow (Ryan Black), who dreams of becoming a writer; his girlfriend Sadie (Jennifer Podemski), a fiery young woman who takes up native issues with admirable commitment; Silas' party-loving best friend Frank (Darrell Dennis), who when not playing table hockey at the local bar is thinking of pick-up lines to use on the women of the reserve; and Lucy (Tamara Podemski), Frank's on-again-off-again girlfriend, whose goal is to become a singer on Broadway.


Season 1 of The Rez

    Episode :   
    Episode 5: The Lark  
    Episode 7: 7  
    Episode 8: 8  
    Episode 9: 9  
    Episode 10: 10  
    Episode 11: 11  
    Episode 12: 12  
    Episode 13: 13  
    Episode 14: 14  
    Episode 15: 15  
    Episode 16: 16  
    Episode 17: 17  
    Episode 18: 18  
    Episode 19: 19  

Season 2 of The Rez

    Episode 5: Granted  
    Episode 6: Lust  
    Episode 7: Windigo  
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