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What is Blue Gender about?
Diagnosed with a rare terminal illness, Yuji Kaido was put into cold-sleep in the hope that someday a cure may be found. He is awoken in 2031 by a group of humans who believe that he may hold the key to defeating the Blue, a group of aliens who have conquered the earth.

Actors: Kuwashima Houko, Christopher R. Sabat, Katsunosuke Hori, Wendy Powell, Kasey Buckley, Masaharu Satô, Sheree Rifkin, Yukitoshi Hori, Shunsuke Shima, Chizu Yonemoto, Mitsuru Hanada, Junko Hagimori, Carol Hope, Masatake Ginga, Kenji Nojima, Bradford Jackson, Kyle He
Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation, Science-Fiction


Season 1 of Blue Gender

    Episode : OneDay  
    Episode 1: One Day  
    Episode 2: Cry  
    Episode 3: Trial  
    Episode 4: Agony  
    Episode 5: Priority  
    Episode 6: Relation  
    Episode 7: Sympathy  
    Episode 8: Oasis  
    Episode 9: Confirm  
    Episode 10: Tactics  
    Episode 11: Go Mad  
    Episode 13: Heresy  
    Episode 14: Set  
    Episode 15: Calm  
    Episode 16: A Sign  
    Episode 18: Chaos  
    Episode 20: Versus  
    Episode 21: Joker  
    Episode 22: Dogma  
    Episode 23: Soliste  
    Episode 24: Compass  
    Episode 25: Adagio  
    Episode 26: Let Me  
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