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Watch Amos Burke Secret Agent online: Episode 10 Deadlier than the Male

Exiled South American dictator Pedro Cabrial is living in a Spanish castle but aspires to return to power with the help of foreign financial aid. Carla, his wife, conceals from him the fact that he has contracted a fatal illness and will be dead in thirty days. In this way, she figures so he will go through with a planned coup and then she will be able to gain control of the country. Jeff Smith (an undercover agent who happens to be The Man's son), Dr. Torres, and anyone else who gets in the way of the military takeover are killed. Pepe, Sra. Cabrial's loyal servant, watches as she recalls the splendor of her life as Viva Evita on film, over and over again. Burke is sent to infiltrate Cabrial's stronghold. He succeeds in getting inside the castle, only to be captured and put on a rack left over from the Inquisition. Django, responsible for Agent Smith's demise under the instructions of Capt. Luzardo, is killed in turn by Burke.

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