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Watch Amos Burke Secret Agent online: Episode 5 The Man with the Power

Burke is sent behind the Iron Curtain and must smuggle out a famous scientist who has developed an ultra-powerful nuclear device. Another agent, Tony Scott, is assigned to assist Burke, but is actually in a conspiracy to steal the new weapon and sell it. Once they get Dr. Crystal into Austria, Scott kidnaps him and hooks him up to his bomb, which will destroy Vienna withing 22 hours if 2 million dollars in uncut diamonds aren't paid. Burke gets the diamonds released to an Austrian official. However, he too is in on the plot. Claiming the diamonds are fake, the official accuses Burke of stealing the real gems, planning to blame the inevitable disaster on Burke and then kill him. Burke finally discovers a special code consisting of 12 numbers that must be given in order to defuse the bomb. 1937 is one known sequence of numbers in the code. The remaining 8 are discovered at the last minute....8523....6472.

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