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Watch Laredo online: Episode 18 The Bitter Yen of General Ti

Joe saves Jem Sing from a traitor of General Ti who has stolen her and Ti's opium. Jem Sing tells Joe, ""Sterling One, you save Jem Sing's life, now life is yours forever."" Joe becomes frustrated with her customs and her calling him master. General Ti wants to make Jem Sing his wife and is also trying to close an opium deal with the syndicate. He kidnaps Jem Sing and Joe from the Ranger barracks, wounding Parmalee in the process. The Captain grants Chad and Erik ""vacation"" to go after Ti in Mexico. They intercept the syndicate representatives and impersonate them. They join with Joe to escape Ti's cell and do battle with Ti and his troops as they attempt to foil the syndicate deal and rescue Jem Sing.

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