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Watch Laredo online: Episode 14 Leave It to Dixie

Parmalee sends Chad and Joe after the Sam Dixie Gang, who Erik has been trailing for two weeks. Meanwhile, Reese is assigned to catch the thieves who stole merchandise from Morgan's Store. He tracks them down and is captured by the thieves, a group of four orphan boys lead by Dixie's teen cousin Matt who wants to join up with Sam Dixie's gang. Erik has been romancing Dixie's girl Mollie and while searching for the Dixie Gang runs into Reese and the orphans. Sam Dixie eventually meets up with the orphans but wants nothing to do with them. Reese managed to save the life of Midg the youngest of the boys and the orphans are determined to keep Sam Dixie from killing Reese. Is the Dixie Gang strong enough to do battle with two Texas Rangers and four orphan boys?

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