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Watch Laredo online: Episode 13 Oh Careless Love

Chief Kicking Bear and his tribe do not want wagon trains camping in their valley and threaten to attack the one camped there now. Captain Parmalee, Reese, Chad and Joe arrive to help. After a meeting with Kicking Bear and war eager Many Horses Parmalee sends Chad to fetch the Indian Affairs Commissioner. He assigns Reese and Joe to ride to the Indians camp to negotiate, stall for time, until Chad gets back. Parmalee stays with the train to keep the hot-headed wagon master from starting something. While in camp Reese competes in several games and wins them, attracting the attention of the Chief's hefty, giggling daughter Lost Bird, who decides she wants to marry him. Many Horses wants to marry Lost Bird and challenges Reese to several matches. Reese pretends to be injured for the last two contests and Joe steps in, winning the knife throw and the horse race. Lost Bird decides she now wants Joe for her husband. Chad arrives with the Commissioner and peace terms are agreed to.

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