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Watch Laredo online: Episode 9 One Too Many Voices

Emerson Whitby III is a millionaire who travels to Laredo to participate in a marathon poker game with other millionaires including the beautiful Sabrina Lane. The Rangers stop an attempt to kidnap Whitby from the stage and discover Whitby and Reese have the same sounding voice. Since the kidnappers didn't see Whitby but only heard his voice the Rangers devise a plan to substitute Reese for Whitby in the poker game. The plan is to let Reese be kidnapped and then follow the gang to their hideout. Reese is captured but puts up too good a fight and Joe, hiding in a bush, has to knock Reese out with his gun butt so the kidnappers can subdue him. The switch is discovered and the real Whitby is spirited away in a trunk. The Rangers rescue him and catch the ringleader when the gang attempts to get the ransom money.

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