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Watch Laredo online: Episode 7 Any Way the Wind Blows

The rangers are investigating a series of bank robberies. They discover the robbers come in through the ceiling. Erik suspects a circus and joins it as a magician, romancing the lovely lady tiger tamer, Eve. Tolliver, the circus owner, uses an air balloon to transfer the money after the robbery. He then cases out the next bank to be robbed dressed as a wealthy gentleman and deposits their stolen funds into it. He also uses the circus performers, strongman, tightrope walker and acrobats, to carry off the robberies. Eve has second thoughts when she thinks Tolliver has murdered Erik. Erik figures things out and with the help of Joe and Eve, who saves his life, foils the last bank robbery. Erik takes Eve up in the balloon and drops a note to Chad and Reese stating all is well and, much to Chad's frustration, Eve sends her love.

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