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Watch Laredo online: Episode 6 Finnegan

Sean Finnegan is intent on starting organized crime in Texas. He recruits name outlaws wanted outside of Texas and teaches them methods and techniques in various rackets. A stage robbery planned by him goes awry when one man is killed and Oklahoma's fastest draw Tom Fox is identified as the gunman. Parmalee sends Reese and Chad to Dry Wells to scout around and they find Sheriff Gorman has ""disappeared"" and been replaced by one of Finnegan's men. They soon discover the entire town is under Finnegan's control. Reese and Tom Fox get into a gunfight and Reese things he outdrew Fox, although Finnegan actually shoots him from the saloon as Fox was now wanted in Texas and a risk. Erik and Joe infiltrate the gang as outlaws Zack Johnson and Cherokee Joe, two outlaws whose recent capture has not been publicized. Finnegan decides to do away with Reese by putting his feet in cement and rolling the wagon where they are hiding him into a lake. Erik and Joe devise a plan to rescue him. Erik

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