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Watch Laredo online: Episode 30 A Taste of Money

Reese's inventor friend Major John Cane is called upon to open a locked bank vault. Outlaw Ezekiel Fry sees him do it and tricks him into helping his gang rob the Porfirio Bank. Reese, Chad and Joe are sent to Porfirio to investigate the robbery. Realizing he's been deceived the Major refuses to help rob the Cattleman's Exchange until Fry and his gang kidnap Reese and threaten to harm him. Then Cane invents a precision plan that requires the outlaws to practice their parts in a barn. Chad and Joe follow a dog that has hung around them since they arrived in Porfirio, hoping it will lead them to Reese. Major Cane cuts Reese lose while the outlaws are practicing the robbery and the fight begins just as Chad, Joe and the dog arrive.

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