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Watch Laredo online: Episode 27 The Deadliest Kid in the West

Lance Mabry joined a gang of war buddies for a train robbery and is now on the run with the money. He hides out at his farm and learns his young daughter Missy is there, having run away from boarding school. Reese, Chad and Joe arrive and are all slightly injured or kept at bay by Missy, who thinks they are the outlaw gang after her father. The Rangers are soon won over by Missy and they try to work out a way to avoid her finding out her dad is a train robber. They concoct a story of how they killed the outlaw gang and recovered the stolen loot. During the telling of this story to Captain Parmalee it is also conveyed that Mabry died fighting the outlaw gang. Unknown to the Rangers Mabry has already turned himself in to Parmalee, knowing it was best for himself and Missy. Reese, Chad and Joe receive a week of stable duty.

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