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Watch Laredo online: Episode 25 A Very Small Assignment

Reese has a toothache and is sent to retrieve the overdue school teacher from the train station at Gutter's Gulch. While there Reese brags that he is there to pick up the most important man ever to come to Laredo, which is overheard by recently released convict Anson Jones, a man Reese helped put behind bars. Pringle comes walking into the station as he got off the train when it made a brief stop and was left behind. Pringle has never ridden a horse so Reese has to time him to his mount. Jones and his gang try to kidnap Pringle unsuccessfully. The next day Reese's tooth is worse and he decides to take a detour to Doc Severnson's but walks into the Jones Gang's hideout in doing so. The Doc treats Jones bullet wound, inflicted by Reese. Reese, Doc Severnson and Pringle overcome the bandits but Severnson cannot pull Reese's tooth as his arm was broken in the fight against the outlaws. During the fight Reese is hit in the cheek. When he returns with Pringle the toothache is gone a

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