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Watch Laredo online: Episode 24 It's the End of the Road, Stanley

Reese pretends to be a cattle buyer at Martha Tuforth's way station where outlaws Jack Hanks, Paco and Crazy John Holden are awaiting the arrival of Benny Murphy, who has their money to travel to Mexico with. Crazy John recognizes Reese as a ranger and they take him prisoner. Councilman Willburn and his wife Letty arrive shortly after and also find themselves hostages. Paco spends his time romancing Letty Willburn and Maryanne, Martha Tuforth's niece. Joe shows up disguised as a traveling salesman named Stanley. He is soon found out to be a ranger and joins Reese, tied to a chair. He tells Reese and the outlaws that Benny Murphy has been captured. Reese and Joe trick Crazy John into challenging Paco to draw and Paco kills him. Paco picks young Maryanne as the hostage to take with them along with the rangers when they leave. Martha breaks a glass and hands a broken piece to Joe who manages to cut through his ropes. A fist ensues and Reese and Joe capture the outlaws.

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