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Watch Laredo online: Episode 22 No Bugles, One Drum

Reese comes up with the perfect plan to catch Linda Littletrees, use Joe, who she is in love with, as bait. Parmalee says they might use the plan but then orders Reese, Chad and Joe to stay off the ""streets"". Reese and Joe are walking down an ""alley"" when they run into three escaping prisoners, two of Littletrees gang and William Tinney, a Ranger from Company A posing as an outlaw to gain the confidence of Littletree's gang. Reese captures Tinney and Joe tracks the two escaped outlaws Max Vander and Blue Dog. Reese is sent to San Antonio to fill in for Tinney, who is to continue his undercover role. The Captain and Chad spend their time waiting and worrying about Joe's safety. Joe is captured by Littletrees gang and locked in a room where she serenades him and has a wedding suit laid out for him. Tinney arrives as Joe is trying to escape and they capture the gang, including Linda who, to Joe's relief, tells him she won't love him anymore if he takes her to jail.

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