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Watch Laredo online: Episode 20 Meanwhile, Back at the Reservation

When Reese, Chad and Joe capture the Morgan gang it includes 14-year-old Grey Smoke. Joe helps him out and gets him hired as a runner for the Rangers. Reese is assigned to trackdown cattle rustlers, leaving only Chad, Joe and Parmalee left in Laredo. They notice that gunslingers are drifting into down, nine in all. They discover cattleman Stan Greevy is responsible for hiring them as he is upset about the cattle rustling. Parmalee is more concerned about the gunslingers starting a range war. Greevy goes to the saloon and tries to pay them off but the outlaws have noticed the lack of rangers and have decided to rob the town. Parmalee, Chad and Joe wait outside the saloon and a gunfight ensues. Grey Smoke knocks out one gunslinger at Ranger Headquarters and jumps on Jug Herriot from a rooftop when he gets the drop on Joe and Chad.

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