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Watch Laredo online: Episode 16 The Calico Kid

Chad and Joe are sent to Guarded Wells to dispose of the Ramirez Gang. They do and a grateful town rewards them with food, drink and hotel rooms for free. Chad devises a way he and Joe can take advantage of this and wires the Captain that the Calico Kid is headed for town. Afterwords they learn that the real Calico Kid, a road agent 30 years earlier, is now Sam Lowell, an older man who has since become a model citizen. Not wanting to cause trouble for Sam, Chad and Joe work out a plan to put on a mock shoot-out during which the Calico Kid(Chad)is killed. Meanwhile, Sam's niece Lorrie sends a telegram to Parmalee asking for more men, stating they are doomed to destruction because of the Calico Kid's impending visit. Parmalee gets suspicious and rides to Guarded Wells with Reese. Town businessman Jacobus Carson, who originally hired Ramirez finds out about the Rangers Calico Kid plan and decides it would be a good time to rob the gold bullion from the bank. Chad and Joe stage the

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