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Watch Laredo online: Episode 15 A Medal for Reese

Reese is tricked into volunteering for stable duty by Chad and Joe, who are then sent out to escort a payroll wagon. They are distracted from the wagon by a runaway team and the payroll wagon is taken by a group of renegade French soldiers who want to return to the power and status they enjoyed under Maximilian. Reese is sent to the French camp as a spy by Parmalee. He does all right but is suspected and when he leads the French out after another payroll wagon Chad and Joe are caught sneaking into their camp by a reserve force. Parmalee and the Rangers guarding the second payroll wagon are taken back to the French camp with Reese, where it is decided Reese is to be shot as a spy. Meanwhile, Chad and Joe break their bonds and are dressed as Mexican soldiers allied with the French. Reese notices they are two of the four men in the firing squad and the brawl starts. Back in Laredo Chad and Joe convince Reese he is going to receive a medal. He finds out there is no medal from Parma

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