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Watch Laredo online: Episode 14 The Heroes of San Gill

Chad and Joe are planning to spend the weekend at the festival in San Gill but Captain Parmalee is leaving down to make a speech and puts them in charge of the office. Reese returns from a mission so Chad and Joe con him into being acting Captain but he immediately assigns them as stand-by for the weekend. Chad then alters a telegram to say a prison escapee is headed to San Gill so Reese sends them out to track him down. Once they arrive they discover that San Gill is where Parmalee is giving his speech and they immediately buy masks and serapes to disguise themselves. Reese eventually learns the outlaw was killed escaping and heads to San Gill after Chad and Joe. The three Rangers stumble onto an assassination plot that includes 6 Mexican government officials with Parmalee thrown in for good measure. They foil the attempt with fireworks and leave San Gill without being seen but having been heard by Parmalee. The Captain returns to Laredo and assigns them to seek out three Lared

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