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Watch Laredo online: Episode 11 Jinx

Reese's friend Cletus Grogan comes to town and Reese gets him to join the Rangers to convince him he isn't a jinx. Cletus is sent along with Reese, Chad and Joe to track down Linda Little Trees and her gang. Cletus ends up dislocating Chad's shoulder. The first town they arrive in has just had it's bank robbed by the Little Trees Gang. Chad sees a doctor for his shoulder while Joe immediately follows the outlaws trail before a rainstorm can wipe out the tracks. After the rain stops Joe takes off his wet shirt and is spotted by Linda Little Trees who is smitten with him. He is jumped by her gang and fights them off until Linda hits him on the head with a rock. Linda proposes to a tied-up Joe while Blue Dog, who wants Little Trees, threatens to kill him. Reese, Chad and Joe find the hideout and capture everyone but Linda Little Trees. Reese tricks Cletus into fighting by pretending to be wounded. Cletus overcomes is jinx fear, resigns from the Rangers and heads home to marry hi

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