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Watch Laredo online: Episode 8 The Golden Trail

Captain Parmalee sends Reese on a mission to pickup a special shipment and bring it back to Laredo. Reese brags about the mission before he leaves leading several people to believe it's the $100,000 in gold shipment that everyone's heard rumors about. After he picks up the shipment in a wagon Reese is challenged for it by the Baker Gang, Sheriff Wes Cottrell and his deputies, Ma Burns and her daughter Flame and an Old Timer, who just wants to see what $100,000 in gold looks like. Reese outwits them all until everyone but the Old Timer join forces, surround Reese and force him into a shoot-out. Meanwhile, Chad and Joe have been sent out to find out why Reese is two days late. They arrive during the gun battle and help Reese. The strongbox has been penetrated by bullets and the contents, 36 bottles of limestone Tennessee sippin' whiskey for Parmalee's private stock, is leaking out. Only 1 bottle is left for Reese to deliver to the Captain. Can he do it without breaking it?

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