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Watch Laredo online: Episode 6 Anybody Here Seen Billy?

Chad sneaks into the barracks at night wearing only his underwear. Reese and Joe catch him and he explains he lost Billy Harker, the prisoner he was escorting. He gets a change of clothes, Reese's spare gun and a horse and heads back out. The next day Reese and Joe are sent out to catch the thief who stole the ranger horse, the only clue being Chad's muddy socks. They find Chad as he is wrestling with Laurie Martin, Harker's girl, a very convincing but deceptive young woman. She convinces Reese she was forced to help Harker out of fear and she leads him off to find Harker but knocks him out with a piece of wood instead. She is caught but tricks cattle drovers into thinking the rangers are outlaws and escapes during the ensuing fist fight and cattle stampede. Joe saw her escape but let her go saying if she thinks they aren't following she'll head right for Harker, which she does. The rangers track her to the outlaws hideout and capture or kill Harker and his gang in a shootout.

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