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Watch Laredo online: Episode 5 Three's Company

Emily, an old girlfriend of Chad's, appears in Laredo with her father, a railroad tycoon. He offers Chad a $400 a month job, whether the romance between he and Emily works out or not. Reese and Joe try different schemes to bust up the romance but they backfire and Chad proposes to Emily and resigns from the Rangers. Reese and Joe are sent out to protect a wagon train from a possible Indian attack and they use it as one last ploy to keep Chad in Laredo. Reese rides back reporting that the train has been attacked but Chad doesn't believe him. Reese heads back and finds out the wagon train really is under attack, sending a rider back to Laredo. While waiting for the stage with Emily and her father Chad sees Parmalee with other Rangers leaving town and finds out Joe and Reese are in danger. He tells Emily he has to go and will catch up with the stage. She delivers an ultimatum that he must leave right away if he wants her. Chad tells her off, catches up with Parmalee, who reinstat

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