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Watch Laredo online: Episode 2 I See By Your Outfit

Parmalee sends Reese, Chad and Joe to Porfirio to investigate Mexican bandits but find elderly Alvar de Aveles flying a Mexican flag over the jail on Alamo Day. Reese breaks into the jail, through the roof, and talks to de Aveles. As this happens de Aveles companions, unknown to or approved by him, rob the entire town, including Chad and Joe. When they emerge from the jail Reese is knocked out and taken prisoner. Chad and Joe must stop the Mexican Bandits before they cross the border with Reese. Since everything was stolen they have to acquire boots, horses, guns, etc. along the way. After crossing the border Reese is made to walk and Aveles willingly joins him. When Chad and Joe catch up Reese gets to fight the gang's leader, Paco Vargas.

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