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Watch The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage online: Episode 1 The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage

During the 17th century shipping lanes were hounded by the fierce pirate Black Jack Savage.When the english caught up to him they hung him in his own courtyard,at his castle on the small island of st. pietro, in the carribean.Because of his deeds Black Jacks spirit could not be layed to rest until he had saved 100 lives- not to difficult you might think except every time he tries to venture forth into the world to save lives he is chased by ghost bounty hunters if you will called snarks.if caught these snarks will deposite him in hell for all time. In the 20th century a buissnessman / author Barry Tarberry has run into some problems with the law- before the government can freeze his assets Barry manages to to gain immunity by paying the crooked governor of St Pietro to harbor him. When on St Pietro he buys Blackbird Castle - he gets it for a steal because it is supposedly haunted.Low and Behold - it is!! After coming to grips with his spectre - he makes a deal to help him try to

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