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Watch The Legend of Tarzan online: Episode 35 Tarzan and the Mysterious Visitor

This is a very interesting episode indeed. It starts off with this frustrated writer, named Ed, who needs to find inspiration. He happens across Dr. Philander's article about Tarzan possibly being a missing link. Ed then tracks down Philander in a run-down apartment building/flophouse, and Philander goes on to tell of his adventures in Africa, meeting Tarzan, exploring Pellucidar, being embarrassed by the photos of the baby baboon, etc. (I'm surprised though that he didn't go on to talk about how he'd captured Maghani, the Silver ape, and almost threw Tarzan overboard after he'd been injured.) Anyway, Ed finds Philander's story of Pellucidar a bit too unbelievable so he leaves. But a waitress convinces him to at least ""check it out"". After all, Philander's photo features a real guy in a real loincloth surrounded by real apes, doesn't it? Ed proceeds to sail to Africa, where he meets up with Hugo and Hooft, who recall their own adventures with Tarzan, escaping the wild animals and their

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