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Watch The Legend of Tarzan online: Episode 31 Tarzan and the Eagle's Feather

Tarzan and Jane attend a Waziri wedding (Basuli and his betrothed). Jane is startled at the Waziri custom for the groom to complete a challenge before he is alowed to wed, and she accidentally causes an upset between Basuli's fiance Naoh and Kewazi, the chief. Meanwhile, Tarzan accompanies Basuli on his quest to find an eagle's feather (from a specific eagle), but a lot of accidents happen along the way. Basuli claims that fate is against them, but Tarzan suspects sabotage. So while they are fighting their way to the eagle's mountain, Jane is back at the village trying to patch things up between Naoh and the chief. The story is basically about the importace of tradition vs. the importance of one's personal values, morals and desires.

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