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Watch The Legend of Tarzan online: Episode 29 Tarzan and the Missing Link

In this episode, Philander blames all of his problems on Archimedes Porter and his ""missing link"" son-in-law, Tarzan. Then Philander even knocks his experiment table over and loses...Einstein's Theory of Relativity? Nonetheless, two cockney thugs barge in, trying to collect their dues from Philander who obviously doesn't have the money. Philander then tries to convince the bounders that Tarzan is a missing link, and he persuades them to follow him into the jungle. Meanwhile, Archimedes is feeling rather distraught over his problems ""fitting-in"" in the jungle, so he dons a loincloth and tries to at like Tarzan. Tarzan and Jane though decide to go berry picking with Tantor and Terk instead. This then leads to an idyllic scene where Tarzan rests his head on Jane's lap, while they share berries. (Very ""B. Lagoon,"" I think. lol ;) Anyway, when Philander and the thugs reach Africa, it's old Archimedes they see ""swinging from vines"", not Tarzan. Philander though tries to convince the thugs th

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