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Watch The Legend of Tarzan online: Episode 24 Tarzan and the All-Seeing Elephant

Tantor freaks out over bees and runs (and bounces) about until he ends up in the same pool where little Jabari and his mother are drinking water. Then Jabari says that it was the ""All Seeing Elephant"" on Mount Indigo that saved Tantor from near death. Tantor doesn't know what to think, so he goes back to base camp to ask Tarzan, Jane, and Porter whether or not they'd ever heard of the ""All Seeing Elephant."" They all tell him no, but say that it's an interesting idea, though probably not true. Then Tantor accidentally leans on Porter's experimentation table, causing the chemicals to explode, and another near-death experience for Tantor. Tantor then attributes his safety to the ""All Seeing Elephant"" and decides to go on a quest to Mount Indigo to meet him. For Tantor's safety, Tarzan, Jane, Porter, and Terk reluctantly follow. Will Tantor find his ""All-Seeing Elephant""?

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