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Watch The Legend of Tarzan online: Episode 16 Tarzan and the Leopard Men Rebellion

The Leopard Men attack the treehouse and, rather than retrieving Tarzan (as the gang expects), make off with Jane, and gas the others. Once conscious, Tarzan, Tantor, The Professor, and Terk set off for Opar to rescue her, only to find Queen La, staff-less and at the mercy of a leopard, begging for help. Despite the Professor's warning, Tarzan intervenes and forges a temporary alliance to free his wife from La's rebelling minions. After entering the temple through a secret underground entrance, the two discover Jane, blank-eyed, dressed as the Queen, and clutching the staff. La seizes the staff, knocking Jane to the ground, unconscious, and Tarzan carries the latter off as the Queen begins to dematerialize the insurgents as punishment. Jane awakens in the jungle and declares the Leopard Men in need of her help; they wish to become men again, and only the Queen of Opar (a role Jane was kidnapped to assume) can free them. Tarzan and Jane work their way back into the temple as the others

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