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What is Ship to Shore about?
Ship to Shore is full of fun and adventure on Circe Island, just off the coast of Western Australia. Kelvin and Babe are still doing the best they can to get off the island. Julie is planning new campaigns to save it from invading tourists, Ralph is in two minds about his parents' plans to send him to boarding school and Hermes is still trying to win Ms Selby's heart. The series that has been an international success - sold to New Zealand, UK, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Israel and Latin America. A Barron Films Limited Production for and in association with the Nine Network, ABC and Ravensburger Film + TV GmbH (Germany).

Actors: Brien Fitzsimmons, Glenn Swift, Louise Love, Monica Main, Jemma Thomson, April Locke, Francoise Sas, Cleonie Morgan-Wootton, Igor Sas, Rosemarie Lenzo, Richard Hearder, Michael Turkic, Kate Hail, Caroline McKenzie, Louise Miller, Christie Pitts, Rob Hackney, Joshua Cr
Genre: Children

Season 1 of Ship to Shore

Season 2 of Ship to Shore

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