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What is The Liver Birds about?
The story of two young women sharing a flat in Liverpool in the early 1970. Although there were several cast changes during the life of the series, a posh vs common theme ran throughout. The original cast was Dawn (Pauline Collins) and Beryl Hennessey (Polly James), but Sandra Hutchinson (Nerys Hughes) replaced Dawn from Series 2 onward. Carol Boswell (Elizabeth Estensen) eventually replaced Beryl. Also notable was Mollie Sugden (Are you being Served) playing Sandra's snobbish mother. The storylines for this comedy usually revolved around the pair's troubles in their relationships with men, problems at work, and interfering families.

Actors: Michael Angelis, John Nettles, Cyril Shaps, Sheila Fay, Elizabeth Estensen, Mike Lucas, Eileen Kennally, Pauline Collins, Ivan Beavis, Ray Dunbobbin, Jonathan Lynn, Nerys Hughes, Polly James, George Layton, Mollie Sugden, John McKelvey

Season 1 of The Liver Birds

Season 2 of The Liver Birds

    Episode 9: The Dog  
    Episode 10: Grandad  

Season 3 of The Liver Birds

Season 4 of The Liver Birds

Season 5 of The Liver Birds

Season 6 of The Liver Birds

    Episode 3: Honey  

Season 7 of The Liver Birds

Season 8 of The Liver Birds

    Episode 6: The Edge  

Season 9 of The Liver Birds

    Episode 4: Weeds  

Season 10 of The Liver Birds

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