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What is Big John, Little John about?
After taking a sip from a fountain of youth, John Martin changed from a 45 year-old school teacher to a 12 year-old. Because he only took a sip, the change was not permanent but the change was reoccurring and Martin had no control as to when the change would occur. John's secret was only know to his immediate family and to explain the appearance of the 12 year-old John, they claimed he was their nephew. Throughout the series, John tried to find a cure for his predicament, but he was unsuccessful in his attempts. There were many connections between this show and the Brady Bunch: It was created and executive produced by Sherwood Schwartz, Lloyd Schwartz was the producer, Robbie Rist played Cousin Oliver on the last season of the Brady Bunch, and Joyce Bulifant (Match Game panelist) was originally cast as Carol Brady (but was replaced by Florence Henderson). Rist returned to Saturday morning television in the 80s when he played Whiz on Kidd Video. Rist and Bulifant were also semi-re

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